Lale's Room

The site where you can find the Pokémon events you want.

That's the events i'm looking for at the moment.

Legit PikachuCafe Events (Magmortar, Electivire & Tangrowth)
Legit NOK Events [Rayquaza, Manaphy , Deoxys & Darkrai]. (Dates and Natures I have not)
Legit PCNY.
Legit WISH.
Legit PCJAP Esp. Move.
Legit PCJAP.
Legit NOA - Game Freaks Events. (Offering great Events)
Legit RUBY-SAPHIRE Zigzagoons. (USA-EUR-JAP)
Legit Battle Mountain Ho oh. (USA-EUR-JAP)
Legit Eulalia Croagunk.
Legit EULALIE Phione.
Legit GIULIA Pachirisu, Snover & Tangela.
Legit 10 ANIV-BP (USA-EUR)