Lale's Room

The site where you can find the Pokémon events you want.


  1. Welcome to my site it isn't completed yet, i'm working on it. 
  2. If you wanna make a better trade here is my MSN: 
  3. I only trade events for events, if i would want another stuff like Ev'd trained or Shinys i'll put it on "What i'm looking for" section.
  4. I got some NFT (not for trade) so ignore them until i want to trade them.
  5. Not All my event are legit checked, so if you find any hack let me know i'll give you a refund, but if i find that your event is a hack i need a refund too.
  6. Don't offer me shiny events that can't be shinies, they're hacked and i'll ignore your offer.
  7. I'm not from USA so excuse me for my bad english.
  8. Enjoy the site.